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Commissioning Angels
Volume 1

Maximizing Your Relationship with Heavenly Hosts

Many in the army of the Lord, meaning the sons and daughters of God, do not have an understanding of the spiritual nature of the King. They are working from the realm of the soul to do the work of the Kingdom. They must soon learn the engagement of spiritual things in the spirit realm, from their spirit, for this is their weapon of war.


Put angels to work. Commission them often. Supply them with weapons. Believe in their strength. Your belief in what they do is a form of belief in who your Father is, in His position as Almighty God and in the blueprint of His plans. The necessary posture of prayer in these times requires the ministry of angels in spiritual realms.


Learning to commission your angels is vital to helping them fulfill their role in your behalf. You are meant to work with angels and the only way to grow is to practice.

(238 pages)

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