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Engaging Angels in the Realms of Heaven

Opening the Door to the Angelic Realm

Significant misinformation exists concerning angels, not only in the Body of Christ, but throughout the earth. We have been taught that angels are frail, dainty, cupid-like creatures that have little power and that we are subordinate to them. That is not the case.

The angels the Bible demonstrates are mighty and powerful with great strength to defeat our enemies. They appear throughout scripture to subdue kings and kingdoms, bring messages of hope, and save lives. Hebrews refers to them as ministers to those who are heirs of salvation. The psalmist recorded that they were flames of fire - hardly a cupid-like figure.


This book will help you learn to engage with angels, to know your Personal Angel, to understand realms, to set your angel in place to guard your realms, and much more. You will want the information in this book. It is life changing!


(228 pages)

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