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Engaging Heaven for Revelation

Volume 1

Receiving Riches from Heaven

“A change of season is fast approaching. A new revelatory flow is going to appear, and I am letting you know so you will be aware of the change,” Heaven says. “Nevertheless, continue what you are doing, stepping into, and expanding in.

“What you are creating with the Father will expand people’s understanding and give them a surfboard to surf on the wave of God that is coming into the earth for the people of God, those whom He has called.


“They will need a surfboard to stand upon to surf the new wave of God that is coming. It is the new wave of the membership of the body; the new wave of a divine remembering of who the Bride really is and what she is here to do. It is a new wave of coping with what the enemy stirs up, and even releases from Counsels of Darkness, that is already overcome by the overcomers in Jesus.”


Heaven said these words to me recently and this book is a compilation of some of the things Heaven shared. Step in and be refreshed by what Heaven has to say.


(318 pages)

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