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Engaging Heaven for Trade

Living the Principles of a Traded Life

What we refer to as commerce, Heaven refers to as trade. It is the exchange of something of value from one party to another. We practice trades every day. Someone may choose to take a moment to trade time for information to determine if this book will be of benefit. Should a person decide that it would be beneficial, then they will make a trade of currency for the product.


The process of heavenly trade has been occurring since before Adam and Eve. If we as sons learn the principles and processes of trade, we will be able to engage Heaven on a deeper level and be able to impact our communities on a greater scale.

We need to understand that worship is trade, gaining knowledge is trade, prayer is trade, and pouring out one’s life for another is trade. The universe revolves around, but the sons must ensure that trade is done in a Godly manner. Learn some principles of trade, and learn to live our life in a new light.


(174 pages)

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