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Grace to Run the Race
by Valerie Henderson

Journeys through the Realms of Heaven

Grace to Run the Race is composed of 40 short stories that tell of God’s grace to help us live victoriously through living from Heaven onto the earth. God wants to reveal His Kingdom secrets to those who ask, seek, and knock and Holy Spirit works to reveal God’s wisdom about this narrow path and gives comfort while we run the race to complete our glorious destiny. God wants us to use the realms of Heaven to our advantage so we can advance in His righteousness with success. By doing so, we can learn to experience Heaven today with the risen power of Jesus behind it all. Valerie embarks upon a journey through Heaven to solve every day real time issues and along the way she has encountered angels, living creatures, multiple gardens, a beautiful forest with all kinds of wildlife, and much more. She has visited the corridors of Heaven and most importantly has seen first-hand how the grace and loving kindness of our Creator takes great care for all His creation, great and small. He is eager to have a relationship with us. Valerie’s story is not for the faint of heart but for the true seeker who desires a sincere relationship with Jesus which will unlock God’s Kingdom secrets to win the race.

(210 pages)

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