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Let's Get It Right!

Rethinking How We Look at the Body of Christ


Early in the history of the church the strength and power of the apostolic office was wrested away from the church and replaced with a model that is currently the predominant model today - that of “pastor-centric” churches and ministries. The Spirit of the Lord has in the last few years been bringing about a correction to that flawed system of government—one never ordained by the Lord but nonetheless has been in operation for millennia. You may question why discuss it then? As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” But I propose to you that it is broken, but it has been broken for so long that we’ve grown accustomed to it. We’ve accepted it with all its shortcomings and limitations when we have not had to. We have a guidebook to show us the pattern, but we’ve ignored it. Let’s Get It Right! is a call to correction. If the church is to fully establish the Kingdom of God upon the earth, it will need to follow a fully Biblical model to do so. Now is the time to get started.

(232 pages)

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