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Living Spirit Forward

Learning to Live the Way You Were Meant to Live

We must understand that we are first and foremost a spirit being. We have a soul, and both soul and spirit reside in the earthly suits we call our bodies. The primary purpose of your soul is to translate to your body what your spirit is perceiving and help you relate to the 3D world we live in. We are instructed in Colossians 3 to live from our spirit, as opposed to living from our soulish realm.


Living from our spirit is the way Heaven designed us to live with our spirit in first place. Having lived most of our lives with our soul out of its proper position, the paradigm of living from our spirit first, spirit forward opens amazing possibilities and enables us to fulfill our destiny, live in peace, and in fellowship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Join us on the amazing adventure of Living Spirit Forward!


(158 pages)

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