Old ways of thinking often are slow to change. It takes radical engagement to bring about needed change. Revelation always brings revolution and the revelation contained in this book is truly revolutionary! This is not a concept conceived by the author, but Dr. Ron Horner carefully unveils a mystery lost shortly after the early church. It is not a sci-fi book. It is based in a realm of reality of an unusual nature, a dimension of the unseen. This mystery involves how human spirits still lingering on the earth long after their human host has died are having far greater impact than we have been willing to acknowledge. We have held to beliefs as doctrine that were never meant to be doctrine. We even ignore the words of Jesus in order to create a belief system that is not well grounded. Often certain passages in the translations of the Bible we read were poorly translated; this only adds to our confusion.


As the smoke of these misperceptions are cleared away, we will find answers to why some of the things we have done for decades have not worked. If we are willing to change, we will see massive impact and lives and cities set free on a massive scale. Dare to read this book all the way through and let the mystery unravel. (Kindle)


Lingering Human Spirits (Kindle)